Welcome to Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy

All are welcome to participate!

Welcome Home, Beautiful!

Bring it in. We’ve been awaiting you and gracious me, you’re right on time. Ah, it is so magnificent to have you here. Thank you so much for coming in for the embrace of joy. To see YOU in this sweet reunion of the ever-evolving human-beams breaking open to glow with the divine is such welcome sight.

You are invited to make this sacred space one of your own.

For some, it may feel like a tree fort

For others a safe harbor 

or a mountaintop vortex to the heavens

There are story-telling circles to help you connect, inspire, and be inspired 

You may climb into a meditation hut 

Draw on whiteboards 

and beaches 

to write your own glyphs 

and sacred prayers 

and spiraling intentions

into the fabric of this history and herstory 

of this divine heartland

Here you may find two or more dancing hands to gently support you as your blankets and shawls of love are in great quantity here…

…So slip off your shoes…

 Leave your heaviest bundles in a medicine basket outside the door for safekeeping

And let’s dance with All-That-Is, Pura Vida, and precious sweet Source

For the Best and Highest Individual and Collective Good

All ways and always

Blue Skies,


About JANE

The gift of Jane’s Dancing Hands is like describing chocolate—everyone has a different experience, and each bite at any given moment on any given day may taste/be vastly different. All of this sweet gift is utterly out-of-the-box from any frame of anything Jane has ever known, too, so let it be known Jane is as wide-eyed with this wacky yet sacred gift as anyone. Wacky, weird, unusual, out-of-the-box, unique, or crazy-wild, when Source (read: God, Goddess, Creator, the Universe, All-That-Is—please substitute the name that feels right for you) uses a gift and it can midwife the miraculous—harming none and helping as it can, Jane began to stop apologizing for it and realized she simply had to grow up, stop giggling in the back of the proverbial classroom and begin to embrace the light and love that flowed.

Before the gift of dancing Source Energy coursed through Jane, she was publicly recognized as an actress-writer-director-producer-advocate. Most notably known as Ross’ lesbian ex-wife Carol on the decade-long hit TV show Friends and wannabe stepmom in the film, It Takes Two, Jane has long been traversing the leading edge of groundbreaking and compassionate consciousness.

Beginning in 2009, Jane was called to produce and direct live global events and documentaries of spiritually activated individuals, but on Mother’s Day weekend, May 2015, while presenting Abdy, another gifted conduit of Source Energy, Sibbett suddenly found her hands “dancing” with Source with such bliss it was clear her lifeforce was forever changed. This gift came without a name—it isn’t Reiki, EFT, or any known, trained modality—so her friends simply coined the term “Jane’s Dancing Hands” to describe how they moved rather than what they share or do.

The opening of the gift of the Dancing Hands and the Language-of- Love-Behind-the-God-that-Created-the-Universe was so swift and supported Jane was encouraged by Abdy to “get out there and help others right away,” and those who experienced it from Hawaii to Costa Rica, to Sedona, Arizona and Venice, California in those earliest days agreed. The gift arrived fully blown (no training required) with a tremendous capacity to share the purest Source Energy to assist in great transformation. Soon she was traveling all around the world, helping people everywhere experience instant peace, alignment, joy, unconditional love, and powerful healing within the expanse of pure Source Energy—individually, communally, live, and via the Internet. In the last three years alone, Jane has conducted more than 500 circles of more than 900 hours, unifying souls in Source Energy and Pura Vida infused healthy peace and hope.

After one of many Dancing Hands Circles, when several came forward and asked if a new name had come forward yet, that the gift flowing through was so much more than simply “Jane’s Dancing Hands," and all these words are a mouthful, Jane said, “Yes, but I have resistance to simply say, ‘Jane,’ because seriously, what is that?” Instantly, Jane heard within her whole being, “JANE is Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy.” As with many messages coming from Source, this stopped her jabbering and she shook her head and shared what she heard with a chagrined laugh. “Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy,” she repeated. “Does that mean we are now JANE-ing?” Jane’s still getting used to this, even all these years later, but this is why you’ll see the phrase Jane’s Dancing Hands and JANE used interchangeably. Jane is a constantly humbled woman. JANE is the gift flowing through Jane from Source.

Jane doesn’t call herself a healer, though healing can and often happens in myriad ways. She is a Source conduit and believes she is one of many in the world who are prayer dancers that facilitate the harmonizing of healing in mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Sometimes it is instantly, and sometimes, it occurs hours, days, and months after interactions. Jane dances live, remotely, and even through the quantum field when people view her videos, read the transcribed words of Source, or hear her calls or recordings weeks or months later.

To find out more about this gift and the living library that is here for you, sharing with joy, grace, and gratitude, please explore: janesibbett.com

Why An Online Community?

One doesn’t need to be a dancer or even dance to be a part of any circle with Jane, but all are invited to participate in this unique transmission of what many call “pure joy” or “unconditional love.”

Because Jane has been facilitating online sessions for individuals, as well as groups large and small nearly from the beginning of her gift from Source, especially with friends and communities she has lovingly held for more than a decade, this has been a smooth transition. Even before the world paused, Jane has thrilled to participate in sharing the daily transformation available for each participant, whether they are a first-timer or a long-time prayer dancer.

Who is This Community For?

Jane has danced with people from all walks of life - believers and non-believers alike. She has danced with people from around the world - some who speak English, some who speak Light Language, and some (like babies, elderly, or non-native communicators), who are nonverbal. Jane has danced with her mentors - Rev. Michael Beckwith and Abdy. She has danced with actors, directors, producers, writers, visionaries, NDEs, walk-ins, shut-ins, healers and helpers, people living outside of their comfort zones, and those living within a frame that had been ill-fitting yet knew there is a better way.

This Sparkling Circle and JANE's playful, dancing energy has uplifted people to come out of their shells, step into the wilderness of the Soul, and find their north star resides within. More, when many see they are one in a constellation of sacred Beauty and Pura Vida fed delight, the joy increases, and peace mixes in with harmony. Some have found purpose, a new vocation, their next adventure, love, and lovers, too. If they've not yet realized peace, many see guiding lights and lighthouses encouraging passage to safer waters to sail in greater tides of familial frequencies. There is something for everyone here - whether one is new to this or has been dancing beside me for less than a decade or longer than a millennium. The Sparkling Circle is infinite Love, and we are having the longest-lasting reunion we can imagine.

What Does it Mean to Be a Member of this new Sparkling Circle?

The Sparkling Circle gives each member the option to gather together in a mosaic of daily, weekly, or monthly sharing/gatherings where we all may dance and play with greater freedom to ask deeper questions and dive into more intense work and expansion in a safe space outside of traditional and often challenging social media forums. This can be in three-day arcs of Quanta, continuing education and activation through the Source Course Series, or retreats for deeper work with Source and the Pura Vida tap roots of energy. Together we celebrate living the universal lessons of sacred dance.

In other arenas, the members of the Sparkling Circle have long shared their transformation has been profoundly supported with steadier trust and understanding from the center of their gifts. Joy is our birthright and by-product of alignment with Source Energy. As we align for sweeter and stronger ways to empower the world with honor and love, especially in a community like this which we invite you to co-create with us, the constant intention for ecstatic living is not simply framed, it is also made manifest with our hands all opening with the principle code of Best and Highest Good for One and All.

Based on the resonant frequency of love of this Best and Highest Good intention, each member has the ability to invigorate and raise the transformational bars within the community by encouraging and celebrating one another’s triumphs, extending kind and familiar support for the more challenging growing pains and encircling all with compassionate wings. Our community continues to collaborate through every wave of these times with greater ease and flow. As the world changes around us, we all learn together how to swim or surf every shifting tide of the planet. We will discover, develop, and use our gifts, creating new muscle memories to meet mutable times with excitement and realize the adventure is fully living this life at our heart tips.

Does This Really Work Online?

For those who have had both in-person and sessions online with JANE, some say they actually prefer online sessions because Jane is almost always facing front to the camera. There is very little difference in the time/space continuum of this gift with pure Source. Obviously, Jane’s hands will not physically be touching or tapping the skin while dancing during an online session, circle, or over the phone, but many people report feeling her hands tap inside, warmth spread through their hearts, solar plexus, or feel a tingling in their hands or limbs – just as one may feel in person. Some say they can actually feel Jane’s hands as if she was in their room. If Jane’s hands are dancing on her side of the screen — even if the recipient can’t see them, say if they are clapping off the frame of the screen — the recipient may even feel where they are dancing – over a part of the body or working on an emotional body, eliciting cleansing tears or immense joy and laughter. Some say they also prefer online circles and sessions for they can relax in the comfort of their home before and after sessions and go into deep meditation or sleep following. 

Try for yourself and let us know what you feel.